Hostgator Coupon Code

Get Your Hostgator Coupon Codes Below. All of our coupons are valid for 2013

Its a really simple process.  Just go to HostGator and enter one of the coupons below on the checkout page to get your savings!


To save 25% off, use 25percentoffhms (25% off any hosting order)

To save $9.94 off reseller, use 994offhostman ($9.94 off any hosting order)

TIP: When purchasing a hosting package for a longer period (12+ months) you should use the coupon that saves you 25% as this will amount to massive savings which increases according to the period that you choose to pay for.


Note: Just copy & paste our codes above. Be sure to delete the default coupon.


3 Reasons to Use a HostGator Coupon For Your Website.

If you run an online business, nothing should come between you and a great hosting provider. With thousands of web hosting services available, choosing the best deal is a difficult and stressful process. Thankfully, HostGator makes it easy thanks to their high quality coupon deals and special discounts.

Hostgator Coupon Code


An established, critically acclaimed web hosting service with over eight million sites hosted on its large network of servers, HostGator is a reliable and quick host that is known for its attention to customer service. From shared hosting customers to high-end dedicated server users, HostGator goes out of its way to provide great service.


To entice new customers to invest in a HostGator web hosting plan, HostGator has a variety of promotions and coupons available at any given time. From discount plans for new users to special discount deals for returning customers looking to renew or extend their subscription, a variety of different HostGator coupons are available.


If you’re on the fence about using HostGator to host your website, consider these three fantastic reasons to use a HostGator coupon. With discount deals available throughout the year, HostGator’s huge range of discount offers make it the ideal hosting service for customers in need of a special deal before they commit.


1.  HostGator 2013 coupons are already out, and they’re truly magnificent.


Want to score 25 percent off an entire year of web hosting? With the new 2013 HostGator coupon codes, you can enjoy a significant discount on a one-year web hosting plan, or a sample month of hosting for just $0.01 in expenses.


HostGator’s coupon codes always offer great savings, but this year’s codes are some of the best we’ve ever seen. If you want to test HostGator’s service without spending more than a single cent, the new $0.01 monthly hosting offer is too good not to try.


2.  HostGator coupons aren’t tied to a long-term billing plan.


Unlike many other web hosting services, HostGator doesn’t force you to sign up for a long-term billing plan in order to make use of its coupons. While some coupon codes are only valid for long-term plans, there are several discount codes that will give you a significant discount on one-month orders, even if they’re non-recurring.


This means that you’re never locked into any long-term contracts or misleading ‘$1 trial’ deals that end up repeatedly billing your credit card. Try HostGator’s service at a discounted rate, all without the fear that your credit card will be used and abused.


3.  HostGator has fantastic feedback from customers.


Want to sign up to a host that’s reliable, user-friendly, and designed to help even the newest webmaster to successfully launch their website? HostGator enjoys one of the best records of any web hosting service on the internet, with positive reviews from hundreds of different users.


At the end of the day, it isn’t transfer speed, technology, or flashy advertising that makes a web host great, but good old-fashioned customer service. While HostGator offers modern technology and great transfer speeds, it’s the company’s focus on customer service that makes it such a great service to use for your business.


Using Hostgator Coupon For Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated servers are the most expensive of all web hosting plans, but you can significantly pay less when you use Hostgator coupon code, if you are a new customer. These dedicated servers come with more advanced features that can provide for extremely sophisticated and complex websites, yet you would not have to increase your budget that much when you use a Hostgator discount code.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers

There are numerous advantages when it comes to dedicated servers, and perhaps the only con that can apply is that it costs much more than basic shared servers. With Hostgator coupon codes, however, you can significantly reduce what you would have to pay in order to avail of these considerable advantages.

One of the most notable benefits of a dedicated server is that it gives you administrator access. This means that you can install just about any program you want, and you can customize it easily to fit your particular needs. You can also monitor and manage the system resources much better, in order to safeguard against resource overloads that could lead to server crashes.

Speaking of system resources, all of these will be at your disposal as well. Unlike VPS or basic shared servers, you can use all the resources for your websites—this is what dedicated means. Shared servers are communities, and they need to be managed and checked all the time so that no single member can disrupt the operations of another. With a dedicated server, you can act as you wish without disrupting anyone; this also means no one can do anything that could affect your own operations.

Dedicated Server Plans

All dedicated server plans offered by Hostgator offer 10 mbps uplink, 10TB of bandwidth, and 5 dedicated IPs.

  • Basic. If you are managing several big websites that do not need extensive memory usage, this plan can be appropriate. Most websites do not actually need superfast CPUs for them to operate flawlessly, but Hostgator will make sure that you won’t have any trouble at all with its quad core Xeon CPU. Multitasking will never again be a cause for concern. The regular price costs $174 per month, but with a 20% off Hostgator coupon the price goes all the way down to $139.20.


  • Standard. It’s the same as the Basic except for one main difference—it doubles the RAM to a sturdy 4 gig. The increase in RAM has made the Standard package the most popular plan among new users. With coupons for Hostgator Standard, the $219 price becomes $175.20.


  • The Elite has the 4 gig RAM as well, but now the CPU uses the more advanced quad core Intel. If your sites use very large databases, this plan may fit your needs perfectly. This usually cost $279, but with the right discount coupon you can avail of this plan for only $223.20.


  • The Pro has everything you can possibly need from a dedicated server, with a flashy Intel Xeon Quad Core 3470, as well as a humungous 8 gigs of RAM. In terms of performance and reliability, nothing tops this plan. This should set you back by $374 every month, but coupons can knock it down to less than $300.

Dedicated servers may not be right for your modest needs, but if you will need the best performance and reliability then this is the best choice. With the coupon Hostgator provides, the price won’t be so steep for you as well.


Hostgator is without a doubt the best web hosting service. Hostgator is trusted by about 8 million websites for their web hosting and other dedicated services which is just amazing. Hostgator offers VPS, shared, dedicated and reseller hosting services at reasonable prices which can be afforded by anyone. Individuals as well as small businesses can afford the web hosting services offered by Hostgator.

Their shared hosting starts as low as $3.96 per month. At $3.96 you can get unlimited space, free site builder, easy control panel and 4500 free website templates you can choose from to make your website more attractive and unique. It also offers a 45 day money back guarantee which is rarely offered by a company which is reputed to be the best.

What makes web hosting by Hostgator more convenient is their 24/7 availability. You can rely on them for always being available for your problems and concerns. Also upon signing up for the minimum package of $3.96 web hosting service, you get a $100 Google AdWords Credit. Hostgator gives a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

In 2008, Hostgator was recognized as the most growing private company across United States of America. The company’s growth has been remarkable and now with 8 million users across America, it is one of the finest examples of great management, hard work, ethics and customer service.

Hostgator offers undoubtedly the best webhosting service that you can acquire. It not only makes web hosting affordable but it also makes it a fun experience. With 4500 free website templates, you will have a lot to play with. You can select, dismiss and reselect whatever settings you desire. With Hostgator coupon code, you can get an additional benefit of getting a discount on the package that you are availing. You can save money by using Hostgator coupon code and start easily with your website.

Whether you are an individual or own a business, making a website is no longer a problem. All you have to do is to choose a package according to your requirements or your budget. The rest of the steps are easy. You will need to register a domain or in cases where you already own a domain, you need to enter the name.

Next, you need to enter the Hostgator coupon code to get the discounted package. Next you have to fill up the billing details. After entering the billing cycle, all you need to do is enter relevant information and within 5 minutes your account will be created.

The coupon code is applied to the first billing cycle so it is necessary that you select the appropriate billing cycle. Which means that if you choose annual package at this stage, the discount will be applicable to the whole amount for the year which has to be paid at once? If you however, choose the monthly package, the Hostgator coupon code will only be applied to the first month’s bill. For the remaining months you will have to pay the full amount.

So, choosing the billing cycle when entering the Hostgator coupon code is important. You can get these discount coupons from various websites which offer coupons. The Hostgator coupon codes allow people to get discounts in domain registration and web hosting. Sometimes people even get free domains fro coupons.

It is the policy of Hostgator Company to satisfy the customers. People choose Hostgator because of their amazing customer service. In case of a problem or error, all you have to do is to call them and they will try their best to resolve your problem.

Their customer representatives are available round the clock for the convenience and ease of their customers. Dealing with and satisfying 8 million clients is not a simple task. And host gator has done this with giving full attention and utmost care to the needs and requirements of their clients.

In June 2008, according to a survey, 90% of the clients of Hostgator were satisfied with the web hosting services provided to them. From a simple and naïve question to trouble shooting the web page of their customers, they aid and assist them every step of the way. So if you want to make a website, then contact Host gator and avail the Hostgator coupon code offered by them.

All You Need To Know About Hostgator Reseller Coupon

The hostgator reseller coupons are fast coming up as the new way to go in ensuring that websites remain relevant and at cheaper cost. These reseller coupons enable a client to be in a position to provide a web hosting service to other clients.

The reseller plan gives the clients software that will prove a reliable tool in the management and operational techniques that are required in order to run a website. Hostgator can only handle too much traffic and thus with the reseller package up and running, the company will ensure that the same quality of service will be offered but through an intermediary.

Hostgator has even provided billing technology that will enable the resellers to be able to operate and charge the required fees to their clients. Through this venture, Hostgator has been able to provide services up to the grass root level of the consumer base and hence remain effective in its service provision.

A Hostgator reseller coupon gives an individual the freedom and possibility to host different websites that will operate under their specified codename. The servers at Hostgator are also structured in such a manner that they will guarantee that a client will not lose any information due to hacking and therefore the information in their websites will be safe and reliable.

Due to the large number of websites that will be hosted with the plan of reseller packages, the servers have also been customized and upgraded to provide the required speed of operation and 24 hour access to any type of information that may be required at that point in time.

Through the acquisition of the Hostgator reseller coupon, the client in question can be able to host an unlimited number of accounts from their set domain and thereby have many panels on to which they can be able to control and relay their services with complete ease.

This has come out as a business venture for some individuals and companies alike that are using the discounted packages a platform. To ensure there is no malice in the operations, Host gator provides all the expertise that will be required in the process of website development and management and this will in turn guarantee that the websites that are hosted will have the threshold quality.

Internet marketers and web hosting institutions can thus smile all the way with the use of the coupon. Its ease of use and renewal provides the most sought after feeling of assurance that many players in the market are so much after. The reseller coupons that come in various discounted rates have also proven good value for money for the people who aim at developing a long term and fruitful client relationship.

The unlimited bandwidth worth of domain servers gives the clients the freedom of having to incorporate pretty much everything they would wish for in their websites. The unlimited space that will be enjoyed will also play to the advantage of both the client and the reseller. This is so because the client will have the necessary space to fix every detail that they will see fit and the reseller will have the largest space to accommodate as many clients as they would wish.

Host gator has proved once again to be the leading team of professionals that are concerned about the socio-economic well being of their clients and the wider community at large. This is so because their cheap and affordable reseller coupons have been instrumental in encouraging many clients to develop their product websites and this has also seen a great impact in the field of product sale and advertisement.

The reduction in webpage costs have also been a key boost to the realization of many companies’ dreams of maximizing on profits as well as making their services cost effective for the general consumer. If you are in need of locating a website conscious company that has strict policies that govern their service delivery and also aim at helping innovators and web hosts to grow, then you will be very glad that you have come across Host gator.

Their reseller coupons will guarantee that any individual who applies for them will get served with the most developed and highly rated domain that will aid them in giving a service that will have clients knock on their doors day in day out.